Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Eclipse Board of Directors

You have probably seen Mike's email - the elections for committer representatives for the Eclipse Board of Directors is now open.

Rather than explaining why you should vote for me :-), I thought it would be useful to summarize the key election facts:
  • You are voting for a one-year term starting April 2009. Voting is open as of today, for three weeks until March 13, 3 pm Eastern time. Check out the committer candidates and their vision statements.
  • To vote, check the email you received from on Feb 20, 2009. It contains the URL for voting, as well as the required voting password.
  • The Board will have 24 directors, as follows:
    • Sixteen directors for the strategic members, one seat per member.
    • Four directors from "sustaining members". There are nine candidates, and sustaining members (companies) get to vote. This is the old "add-in providers" category but generalized to include "enterprise members" in the future.
    • Four directors representing the committers. There are six committer candidates.
  • Each committer has one vote. Here are some important details:
    • Committers who are employed by a member company can go ahead and vote. Note though that all votes from one company will be collapsed into a single vote.
    • Individual committers, if they have not done so yet, must sign a membership agreement in order to be able to vote. To understand why this is required, read this page, then read this page to make sure you fill out the form correctly. No voting privileges without signing the form!
  • In previous years, turnout was pretty low - for example in 2008, only 148 of about 1,000 committers cast their vote. More votes will add weight to the positions of the committer representatives, so please vote now!
  • There is more than one Eclipse Board of Directors, so be careful not to confuse the different board elections. ;-)


Darin Swanson said...

I will vote again this year but that votes are collapsed company wide is one of the reasons I believe that we have such a poor voter turnout :-(

I guess it does not bother enough other people...

Chris Recoskie said...

I agree with Darin. My vote counts for next to nothing, so why go through the effort?

That being said, I think I voted last year.

Boris Bokowski said...

Chris: as an employee of a member company there is next to no effort - click on the link, find your password, and vote.

Darin and Chris: While your vote will have a minimal effect on the actual outcome of the election, it will still make a difference with regards to voter turnout. A higher turnout will make the position of the committer representatives stronger, regardless of who is elected.