Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eclipse Board Election Facts (2010 edition)

You have hopefully seen one of the announcements that the elections for committer representatives for the Eclipse Board of Directors is now open.

Rather than explaining why you should vote for me :-), I thought it would be useful to summarize the key election facts:
  • You are voting for a one-year term starting April 2010. Voting is open as of yesterday, for three weeks until March 12, 3 pm Eastern time. Check out the committer candidates and their vision statements.
  • To vote, check if you received an email from emo@eclipse.org on Feb 19, 2009. It contains the URL for voting, as well as the required voting password. If you haven't received a voting password, you are probably not (yet) an Eclipse member, and have to sign the membership agreement first. To understand why this is required, read this page, then read this page to make sure you fill out the form correctly. No voting privileges without signing the form!
  • The Board will have 20 directors, as follows:

1 comment:

Denis Roy said...

I think it would be great to send this type of reminder to eclipse.org-committers ... since not all of them read PlanetEclipse.